About us



  • ASIL TOUR Service Management has been established since 1990 when it established its own high standards and sector oriented, professional management, expert staff and strong technology infrastructure and quality management concept is adopted by the institution.
  • ASIL TOUR, which is aware of carrying the human value which is the only value that money can not buy with the slogan "We carry responsibility first" continues its activities with the latest model vehicle fleet, professional staff and student transportation service to many business companies and educational institutions of business world.
  • In the transportation sector, people are in a constant development and recovery effort with a management system that conforms to universal standards, without sacrificing quality in this way, taking the principle of being a "brand" that values human beings, As stated in standards and regulations, it is an organization that aims to be a leader in customer expectation and standard quality line. ASIL TOUR is aimed at creating a brand that has cost to TURKEY.
  • ASIL TOUR continues to grow rapidly by renewing every day with its comfort, trust, expertise and customer-oriented understanding.