Human Resources



  • ASIL TOUR; it keeps its doors open to employees who will raise the standards of the area in which they operate, increase customer satisfaction and maintain the quality, prestige and strong position of the company.
  • ASIL TOUR Human Resources; Our company aims to develop the systems that will enable continuous development, motivation and management of the human work force which will create a competitive advantage in the action of our company's strategies and to pass on a life in the direction of corporate principles.
  • Our human resources principle is to maintain and sustain our long-term partnership with our employees in a healthy manner.
  • We select our team from individuals who can produce innovative, analytical projects of innovation and development.
  • Career levels in ASIL TOUR are determined after performance measurement, not on the basis of seniority. Different career paths are drawn to our team through applications such as promotion, transfer or change of duty.
  • Our human resources policy is to be a company preferred by them, to ensure the satisfaction of our employees by giving them a reliable, peaceful, fair, economic and social rights and creating a contemporary working environment.
  • If you are expecting from our employees; are faithful, honest, loyal, proud, ambitious, imaginative, realistic, changeable and perfectionist who believe in our mission and team spirit.

  • If you want to develop your career in the office with us, you are interested in Personnel Application, personnel transportation or student transportation; You can contact us using the Driver Application link.