Personnel Transport

Personel Servisi

Personnel Transport;

ASIL TOUR; has been a leading company in the sector with the services it has provided since its establishment. Personnel transport, one of the services given under the name ASIL TOUR; It is carried out with great sensitivity under the slogan " We carry responsibility first " ASIL TOUR, which provides personnel transport service with a sense of responsibility and safety, has a systematic way of working with high quality vehicle fleet. All the vehicles in the vehicle fleet have all the required documents and permissions. All details such as traffic insurance, seat insurance, automobile insurance, technical maintenance and control of the vehicles, driving experience of the drivers and so on are carefully provided by the company under the name of safe journey. Personnel service company provides us with special ambulance and health equipment for possible cases and shows how hard it works.

The most important detail in personnel transport is undoubtedly time management and route control. ASIL TOUR has a comfortable journey with the experienced staff of the companies, schools and organizations, who know that they will go to their homes, businesses and schools on time when the day starts and the end of the day.

Personnel transport is a service network that looks easy but takes care of the fact that it contains very vital details in its content. ASIL TOUR stands out with the attention to security and the mastery of all the details of the business. The insurer offers a service that will satisfy a wide range of customers from the spacious to the comfort.

ASIL TOUR vehicles located in the network of personnel services are as comfortable as they are safe, and they are noteworthy. Individuals who benefit from the service can read books peacefully along the way, watch movies, study, check their meeting notes, or just make a trip where they can close their eyes and relax.

Mercedes and Volkswagen are generally in the service of personnel transport services. These tools are equipped with ABS (a braking system that improves vehicle stability, maneuverability and stopping ability) and EDS (Electronic Stability Program) to minimize the potential for a potential plotting error, weather conditions and any potential conceivable situation. Each vehicle insurance has been made available for personnel transport and school service. Our vehicles do not go for business just one day without car insurance.

Our personnel transport vehicles;

  • ASIL TOUR car fleet consists of three vehicles of smaller age, which are made on time and maintenance cards are continuously controlled by the company.
  • All of our drivers are required to make their way to the road insurance, seat insurance and custody of the vehicle. All these documents are checked by ASIL TOUR authorized.
  • There are special ambulances and health teams working on vehicles. Our company must negotiate with MEDLINE for this. Every vehicle is insured for personal accident.
  • Our personnel transport service is made with MERCEDES - VOLKSWAGEN - FORD brand vehicles.
  •  Our vehicles have automatic door system. Internal and external cleaning of our vehicles is done on a daily basis. The seats in the vehicle are in accordance with the standards, the sheath and the headrests are attached and clean.
  • Compulsory equipments and tools (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, traffic set) that need to be kept in our vehicles are provided with chain, wedge and pulling rope complete and always ready for use. Constitution is continuously checked by us regularly.
  • All lighting systems of our vehicles are operating in accordance with the standards.

What about pricing?

Routes and stops that are provided by us are entered into the Logvrp program. Service route program creates the map by drawing the shortest and most logical ways. Kilometer information is measured precisely. Pricing is made without paying a lot of money before 1 minute delay. You can get to your route map, service report, driver and vehicle information free and effortlessly from the panel where we will prepare for you.

In summary;

ASIL TOUR who wants to sign a service on a global scale and always develops, educates and follows innovations in this direction; personnel transport and all other services provide a quality, safe and comfortable journey based on the customer. You can visit our references page to see our happy customer portfolio and you can contact us on our phone number 0216 427 27 27 and request a price quote.