Student Transport


ASIL TOUR, which serves with the tools having the features required in line with the directives and instructions of the Ministry of National Education, is aware of the value of human life. It is aware that the transfer of our children, who are described as the future of society, requires a separate responsibility and professionalism. And with this understanding, we are countless successes and certificate of appreciations from the biggest spoiled schools and nurseries we carry out of our responsibility.

In all kinds of extraordinary situations, the collective SMS system informs the parents, drivers and guides.

About our children protector trustworthy drivers:

 • Our drivers are in compliance with the dress code and they are trained in urban and inter-city tourism, den certified and at least   five years of heavy vehicle driving license.

• Our drivers participate in regular driving techniques, traffic, team spirit, brand awareness, communication and QMS seminars organized by our company.

• Our drivers are responsible for the cleanliness of the car interior and exterior and if not sufficient, criminal procedure is applied.

• Our drivers must comply with the city speed limit during service. By avoiding the speed limit, students are avoiding movements that will risk their lives, students do not risk.

• Do not use the left lane and do not overturn unless you have to adjust the tracking distance for safety and safe travel. We also know that all our drivers have to comply with traffic rules.

• Our Service Hostesses consist of uniform type, well-groomed, not over thirty years old, children-loving, gullied, tolerant, caring, compassionate and experienced staff. Instead of our hostesses who are infectious, our backup hostess takes over immediately.

• When the students arrive home from school, from school to home; service guide when boarding and leaving the vehicle. It can not be delivered to anyone except Velisi.

• Seat belts are available on all seats of our school vehicles and must be fitted.

We are continuing our activities in the public and private sector about student transport in education-based institutions such as schools, classrooms, courses and etudes. Our services have all the requirements of student transport. Drivers who specialize in student service keep their knowledge fresh by constantly educating them. While your kids enjoy the safe journey with the right hostess and the right drivers, you and your parents will be able to continue your life in peace, knowing that they will come home safely with peace of mind. Our company is among the best and reliable companies with zero mistakes between companies that provide school service and personnel service. Every day he makes the slope a little higher. We would like to thank all parents and all parents for trusting our children and trusting our team. Once again we want to underline that we will not leave you face to face.