• We are aware of our responsibility in the knowledge that we are carrying human lifes,
  • We are in the transportation sector for more than 30 years,
  • High quality standards is our major principle in service businness,
  • We are providing 24/7 uninterrupted service 365 days a year,
  • We are an innovative company that closely follows technology,
  • We have high auditing and reporting standards,
  • We are continuously educated, up-to-date and equipped,
  • School service we provide quality service to the school from Turkey Representation
    we are the only firm that has received recognition and achievement certificate.
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Staff Service Our Service;

ASIL TOUR, one of the best ten personnel transport companies in Istanbul, is a company that bases its business on quality and trust. It is always ready to go with its stable background and professional staff. Our drivers are SRC Certified, all of whom participate in all the training and seminars in the sector and are gifted people who are at the peak of their field and professionalism, responsive, punctual, and up to the traffic rules. We are servicing vehicles that are not over fife years old, regularly maintained on a regular basis. Our dialogue with companies is honest, consistent and transparent, and we make a long-term agreement based on mutual trust. You can visit our page for the personnel service, you can contact us on our phone number 0216 427 27 27 and you can request a price quote.


  • WELCOME 2018

    Everyone in the year 2018 is willing to bring health, happiness and well-being...
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 26.12.2017
  • Fire Drill

    In addition to providing basic information on fire drills held on 9.12.17 with the participation of our drivers, we have successfully conducted our tr..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 10.12.2017
  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - November 10

    We remember with respect and longing for the 79th anniversary of the passing of the founder of our Republic, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatü..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 08.11.2017
  • Safety Training

    Tuzla, Sultanbeyli, Şekerpınar and Çayırova regions. Can Ören İSG institution provides the training in the subject; laws, regulations a..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 06.11.2017
  • Safety Training 2

    Sarıyer, Maslak and Mecidiyeköy regions were trained. The Med Academy offers this training; laws, regulations and communiqués as well a..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 27.09.2017
  • Vehicle Ownership Attention

    Plate vehicles that do not meet the standards at the inspection stations can not be examined. Plates that do not conform to the standards will not ..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 16.09.2017
  • Speed Limit Application on Highways

    According to the protocol signed between the General Directorate of Highways and General Directorate of Security, the average speed limit application ..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 04.07.2017
  • We Expanded Our Fleet With New Vehicles

    With our increasing customer network, we have expanded our fleet with the number of its new 2018 model ice-white Ford Transit minibuses. Traveling wit..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 08.06.2017
  • Ordinary Meeting & Training

    The usual meeting was held for our drivers who were in charge of carrying personnel in the Sarıgazi region. Under the leadership of General Manager Sh..
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    Published : Asil Tour
    HISTORY : 11.05.2017


ISG Training - November 6, 2017

The seminar on work health and safety will be given to our newly joined drivers on November 6th, Monday from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm in Umraniye Unilever building 2nd conference room.


ISG Training - 27 September 2017

A seminar on occupational health and safety will be held on Wednesday, September 27 between 10:00 and 15:00 in the 2nd conference room of Umraniye Unilever building. Our drivers will be called in advance and information will be provided.


Ordinary Meeting - August 12, 2017

Ordinary meetings will be held for our drivers in Umraniye region.


Advanced Driving Training - July 22, 2017

8 driving companions will participate in the advanced driving training to be held on 22 July.


Ramadan Month - May 26, 2017

We ask all drivers to be more tolerant and respectful to other drivers in this blessed month that our bearers are tolerant and patience bear. We are inviting you to protect our sensitivity to taking the necessary precautions to avoid slowing and distracting reflexes depending on hunger, thirst and fatigue.


Ordinary Meeting - May 8, 2017

The usual meeting will be held for our drivers in the Sarıgazi region.


Advanced Driving Training - May 2, 2017

Our new friends will be given advanced driving training on May 2nd. Manifest declarations are required until April 25th, at the latest, to submit an excuse.

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